Paint Field

Outline of improvement performed

April 9th, 2018
Hirata Engineering Consulting Office

1)September 20162nd wire net installation; outer booth entrance.
2)November 2016Install sweeper machine and Kärcher vacuum for floor cleaning.
3)December 2016Buildup right recognition of inspection criteria with inspector.
4)February 2017Reduce hunting by replacing bearing.
5)July 20173rd wire net installation; from drying booth to second floor.
6)July 2017Migrate sanding area to outside (under eave).
7)August 2017Install dry mist generator at paint area entrance.
8)August 2017Install rotary brush on conveying rail.
9)September 2017Enclose the sanding booth of 2nd floor.
10)September 2017Determine the low dust wear for paint worker.
11)November 2017Install the door for preventing heat outflow at drying booth.
12)December 2017Shift to Zirconium chemical treatment.
13)Jan.∼Mar. 2018Install the door and heat resistant sheet for preventing heat outflow at burning booth.
14)February 2018Install magnet jig for gathering iron dust in powder paint tank.
15)March 2018Install non-phosphorus degreaser.
16)April 2018Start measuring heating value of cation paint.
17)April 2018Install eaves for preventing dust on the rail from falling to parts.
Paint Process Improvement Effect