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産休・育休を取り復帰したスタッフ01 産休・育休を取り復帰したスタッフ02

She is a staff who came back from maternity /children leave.
Now she is working in her original section, module assembly line as a woman leader.


Established new CAD・CAM room
Now hiring staffs

Storage houses newly established

補用倉庫 海外倉庫

Conveyer assembly for DAIFUKU  Wrong delivery (2021.03.09) Emergency measure report 2021.03.10

Green label for direct delivery
Yellow label for interim transfer

Identification tags are color coded by each part number (destination). (Yellow, green, white, etc.)

Notified everyone that the licence plate of assgned truck and above label, identification tag have to be closely checked when parts are loaded.

About painting

Since the sheet metal productions of construction machine are visible as body cover, differ from thick metal ones, it is comprehensively best to apply cation paint as primer and then powder paint as finish coating.
Some supplemental application will work well on edges.

Other Items

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Emotion-Fulfilled Energy

Emotion-Fulfilled EnergyU

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<Useful Service>

We undertake PC etc, SSD & HDD destruction service.
Secure and reliable. (The operation will be performed in front of customer.)
For that reason, please make a reservation and bring the object.

 Nakahara Co.,Ltd. (0790-49-3081) Attn. CRG

*No Restoration or repair is available after destruction and scrap.
*Any order from antisocial forces will be declined.
*All personal information won't be disclosed to third party.
*Some pictures will be taken during operation and restored as objective document.
 (can be printed and served to customer)
*The price of destruction and scrap is 3,000JPY per 1 unit.
*Certificate document won't be issued.
 (To be watched by customer will be a certificate)